About Us

What is the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council?

Established in 1980 the Council is a non-profit association of Australia-based businesses with interests in Papua New Guinea. The management of the Council is vested under the constitution in an Executive Committee, headed by a President and three Vice-Presidents, elected at an Annual General Meeting of members.

The Council’s goals are to advance the interest of Australia business in Papua New Guinea by:

  1. increasing trade and investment between Australia and Papua New Guinea;
  2. encouraging the further development and expansion of the Papua New Guinea economy;
  3. representing Australian business interests to the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments;
  4. providing a network of business people with shared interests in Papua New Guinea.

How does the Council achieve its Goals?

The Council advances Australian business interests in Papua New Guinea through:

the holding of trade, investment and information seminars on Papua New Guinea:

  • participation in regular bilateral Ministerial talks to discuss major policy issues of concern to Australian business;
  • submissions to government on policy matters affecting Australian business interests in Papua New Guinea;
  • the receiving and sending of trade and investment delegations between Australia and Papua New Guinea;
  • dissemination to members of information on current economic, political and social developments in Papua New Guinea;
  • providing access to a network of Australian businesses with long experience in Papua New Guinea with whom members can seek and share information.